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Holiday ShopLight: SLOcally Made

"Ohmafelt" whimsical dolls!

SLO is full of creativity. SLO is also full of artists and makers hustling to get their work out into the community while navigating the hardship of not always being able fill a store with their own work. However, due to the ingenuity of artist Sadie Rogers, SLO now gets to browse items that are "SLOcally made" in one hot spot location during the month of December.

Watercolor gift tags by one of the mini makers!

It is never clear where this pop-up shop will be located (every year since 2017, it has been housed in a different location)-- but one thing is sure: locals will find it and swarm to it.

SLOcally Made is a collectively run store featuring the work of SLO artists and makers. There are 31 makers featured at SLOcally Made this year. Some of the gems found inside include: whimsical felt dolls by "Ohmafelt", natural fiber clothing by Scissor Clothing, hand crafted jewelry by Blueberry Jewelry, SLO cartography maps by Sadie A. Design, and a treasure trove of gems by the 4 "mini makers" (all aged 12 and under).

I was able to speak with a few of the artists during my visit to the shop and was pleased to learn that all of the artists strive for no-waste (or very little waste) during the design process.

Scissor Clothing:

Scissor Clothing actually has a storefront in Atascadero!

Kate White, designer of Scissor Clothing, has been sewing since the age of 10 and started Scissor Clothing 11 years ago. All of her designs are made from natural textiles like linen and cotton (using organic materials when she can access them). The Scissor Clothing aesthetic is for the natural and hip individual, featuring sleek silhouettes and neutral tones.

K. Wilson Designs:

Kelley Wilson makes killer Adirondack backpacks. This style of woven backpack originated in upstate NY, where Kelley is from. Kelley worked as an apprentice to learn how to make these packs. For almost 20 year she gave them away as gifts but with the creation of K. Wilson Designs, Kelley is finally making a little back for all of the hard work she pours into her product. The creation process for these backpacks is extremely sustainable. Kelley even obtains the reeds from the artist whom she apprenticed with. The only waste created are the ribbons that come tied around the reeds. Kelley is all about utilitarianism in her designs--while the backpacks might be aesthetically pleasing, they are also very sturdy, usable pieces of art.

Blueberry Jewelry:

Kerry Long, SLO native and founder of Blueberry Jewelry, has been a jewelry maker for 20 years (full time for 4 years). Kerry hand-fabricates all of her jewelry. Typically her materials come as sheet metal or plain wire and Kerry cuts, hammers, forges, and sodders the materials to transform them into something beautiful. Kerry also uses only natural gemstones and fresh water pearls in her designs.

Sadie A. Design:

Sadie Rogers, the founder of SLOcally Made and Sadie A. Design, is a self taught graphic designer. In the fours years since she began designing leather keychains, Sadie has expanded her inventory to include SLO themed enamel pins, SLO themed hats, and cartography posters made from American-made French Paper Co. paper or leftover cotton filament (a byproduct of cotton processing). Sadie still has a few digitally printed posters for sale in the store, but she no longer produces them as she has switched to more sustainable forms of poster production.

Pop over to the SLOcally Made pop-up! The store is running now until December 24th,

every day, from 11 am to 8 pm!!

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