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No Waste: Gifting an Experience

The holidays are notorious for causing stress in the gift giving department-- especially if you're conscious about not creating additional waste with excessive shopping. You don’t want to buy a loved one crap they don’t need but you also don’t want to seem like you phoned it in by getting them a generic gift card.

The solution: gifting a meaningful experience.

Gifting an experience is a brilliant way to cut down on holiday waste and to help create memories for your friend or family member!

Take a look at the art workshops at Junk Girls. These workshops, new to the Junk Girls calendar, are everything I love wrapped into one 3 hour whirlwind:

  • upcycling old knick knacks and discarded items

  • getting crafty

  • art therapy

  • fun with friends

  • Help from crafting masters Jenny and Melissa!

Every workshop includes unlimited access to a multitude of boxes filled with unique treasures, a hand-stamped piece of metal to be worn as jewelry or directly incorporated into the artwork, and help from Jenny to sodder, cut, glue, and work items as desired.

The evening starts with Jenny speaking about her own experience with art therapy, her process in creating art pieces (typically sold in the store), and a closer look at some of her original work.

Attendees are asked to pick a word that will be the focal point of their artistic journey that evening. Melissa hand stamps each special word onto a piece of metal and then crafting commences!

Artists are asked to not hoard objects from the bins—there is plenty to go around! Artists are also encouraged to let the objects and the flow of the creative process speak to them—not letting anything be forced.

Three hours flies by when you're eating cookies, drinking bubbly water, and chatting with new friends. These classes are small (8 people maximum), so make sure to sign up for the date you want! Keep an eye on the Junk Girls calendar--for the new year will bring new tidings of freshly scheduled workshops!

Click here to sign-up today!


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