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A large part of being a sustainable fashion advocate is staying informed. These books are not only riveting reads, but they are great tools for staying at the top of your sustainable game and helping others on their journey.

The ultimate practical fashion guide, Elizabeth Cline has provided us with information on every aspect of curating a thoughtful wardrobe. Whether you are new to being a conscious consumer, or you have been practicing for years, every sustainable fashion advocate needs to have this book on their bookshelf. 

Learn how to check for clothing quality (there are stitching diagrams in this book!!), care properly for your clothes, recycle old textiles, and feel confident taking a fast fashion fast. 

SLOW DOWN and read this book. Write notes in the margins to reference for years to come. 

In her first book, Author-journalist Elizabeth Cline recounts going undercover into Chinese sweatshops and her close look at the underbelly of the fast fashion industry. Written and published during the start of the recent sustainable fashion movement, Cline gives a striking presentation of how bad the fashion industry has gotten.

This book was written immediately before the incident at Rana Plaza. Recent prints include her new afterword with commentary on the tragedy. 

Greta Eagen helps the conscious consumer decide what aspects of sustainable fashion are the most important to them (without ever compromising fashion). 


Using her thoughtful matrix, readers can pick a few things to consider--such as natural fibers, non-toxic dyes, fair trade--when purchasing clothing. Eagen insists that to move forward in our pursuit of a green wardrobe, for almost every item in our closet, we should be able to claim that said item falls into at least 2-3 sustainable categories.

Here is a comprehensive and practical guide to all things ethical beauty. Make-up, jewelry, apparel--this book is a go-to for conscious beauty reference.

Flip right to the sections you are looking for --whether that be learning about how gems are cut or what dye is used on our clothing. 

If you are just starting on your trek towards ethical beauty, Kate Black lists some of her favorite ethical brands. 

Ever felt stressed out about buying too many things? Not understanding why you feel like you compulsively need to shop? This book is for you.

When I started my journey towards sustainable fashion, I felt excited about buying second-hand pieces, vintage clothing, and checking out (expensive) ethical and fair trade brands. While every single article and book I read told me that "the most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own", I was lured into the dream of transforming my wardrobe. This is completely normal. Our fashion culture is built on encouraging consumers to buy the latest clothing style at the cheapest price--often accompanied by pride that we only wear something once.

Looking introspectively, in addition to accepting the psychology behind fast fashion culture, Benson challenges us to explore why we personally overshop.

Use your own journal or purchase the companion journal. Track how much you both save your bank account and the planet by slowing down how much you buy.

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