Sustainable Shopping is fun!

SLO is rich with sustainable shopping options that can be used as an alternative to or in addition to traditional stores like Target or H&M. 

I find that shopping Fair Trade or secondhand always provides me with unique clothing that no one else will have! 

Once you find a garment you love, take a look at the information below about tailoring and sewing businesses around town to get that garment to fit exactly how you want it to!

Fair Trade/Ethical Clothing Stores
marine layer.png

Located in between BooBoo Records and Phoenix Books, HumanKind offers apparel hand made by artisans all over the developing world.

All of the natural and MOST ADORABLE  baby products that ever were! All brands carried at this store are socially conscious and eco-friendly. 

Clothing made from natural fibers, often in a closed-loop cycle. Check the tags and you will be reassured that each item was "made by adults".

Marine Layer also has a t-shirt recycling program. Bring in your old t-shirts and they will respin them into new Marine Layer apparel!

What better way to celebrate sustainability and the Earth than to go outside! The Mountain Air carries brands that have been forerunners in the campaign for sustainability through durability. By partnering with one of the most well-known sustainable brands, Patagonia, this store also hosts repair workshops for outdoor clothing. 


M-Sa.: 10-6 pm

Su.: 11-5 pm


M-Sa.: 10-6 pm

Su.: 12-5 pm


M-F.: 10-9 pm

Sa: 10-8 pm

Su.: 11-6 pm


M-Sa.: 10-6 pm

Th: 10-8 pm

Su.: 11-5 pm

office hours slo.gif

"Fast Fashion is dead. Stop buying crap."

Sustainable men's wear is found at this clean, modern store. Almost all garments are made of 100% natural fibers like Irish linen, cotton, wool, and silk (with leather shoes, of course). With prices something to save for, customers will be forced to buy only what they love and make it last--which is the guiding principle of slow and sustainable fashion.


M-Su.: 10-5 pm

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 1.46.14 PM.png

Maison Marianne joined downtown SLO in early 2019. This store sells women's clothing designed with classic silhouettes made from only natural textiles including flax, linen, hemp, and cotton. 


M-Sa: 10:30-5 pm

Secondhand/Consignment CLothing Stores

Looking for unique items? This is the place for you! New inventory every day (thanks to donors). Items ranging from clothing to shoes, to purses, to a framed collection of bugs! 

Proceeds go to the SLO Classical Academy.

**Fred & Betty's also partners with a textile recycling organization out of Fresno--so donate here instead of throwing away!

(Be mindful to clean the items as best you can before donating, though.) 


M-Sa.: 10-5 pm

Su.: Closed

achievement house.png

Achievement House supports vocational training and housing placement for individuals with physical or mental disabilities. 

Shopping at their SLO thrift store directly benefits a great organization!

Completely volunteer-run, Assistance League is a local organization that serves SLO community families in need. 

Shop for a cause! 


M-F.: 8-3:45 pm

Sa.: 9-3:30

Su.: Closed


Tu-Sa.: 10-4 pm

Su, Mo.: Closed

Another volunteer run thrift shop, shop here to support Wilshire Hospice. Wilshire Hospice not only provides services to its patients but education opportunities to caregivers and grief counseling to family. 

The Hope Chest also has an amazing Instagram! Follow them: @wilshirehospicehopechest 


M-Sa.: 10-5 pm

Su: Closed

mission thrift.png

Mission Thrift is another secondhand store that benefits a local school! Old Mission School provides private education to TK-8th graders.

All volunteers are parents of students!

Change of a Dress is a local consignment and resale shop. 

"Found. Recycled. Curated."

Shop here to find chic secondhand pieces from local consigners.

finders keepers.png

Serving SLO for almost 20 years, Finders Keepers is full of treasures to be found. Balanced between designer names and every day where every person is bound to find something they love! If interested, contact the store to set up an appointment to become a consigner.

ruby rose.jpeg

Packed with hand-selected gems from the southwest to California's coast--indie desert vibes are what you will be picking up at this secondhand paradise.


M-Sa.: 10-5:30 pm

Su.: Closed


M-Sa.: 11-5:30 pm

Su.: Closed


M-Sa.: 10-4:30 pm

Su.: Closed


M-Sa.: 11-5 pm

Su.: 12-4 pm

calico trading co.png

Opening in Oct. 2019, Calico Trading Co. is the newest secondhand edition to SLO. They carry name brands and put out "new" stock every day!


Junkgirls is the most unique store in SLO. Everything for sale is upcycled from repurposed items that were either lost or destined for the trash. Some accessories include necklaces made out of old silverware or flower broaches made of repurposed cashmere sweaters. 


M-Th.: 10-6 pm

Fri-Sa.: 10-7

Su.: 11-5 pm


M-Th.: 10-6 pm

F: 10-8 pm

Sa.: 10-7 pm

Su.: 11-6 pm


Tailoring is one of the best ways to invest in a sustainable closet. Not only are you loving yourself by choosing to shape your garments to fit exactly the way you want, but you are also reclaiming our fashion history of investing in nice, well made-pieces that we mend, hem, and stitch until we no longer can.  

Love your body, love your clothes. Put your best foot forward by getting clothes fitted to flatter, comfort, and bring joy. Prove that garments need not be tossed aside just because a seem busts or the waist is a little too loose. 

Try one of these SLOcal tailors on for size!

men's wearhouse.jpeg


M-F.: 9-5:30 pm

Sa, Su.: Closed


M.: 10:30-9 pm

T: 10:30-8:30 pm

W-Sa.: 10-9 pm

Su.: 11-6 pm


T-F.: 9-6 pm

Sa, Su., M: Closed

I think shoes are the easiest for us to throw away. Once we wear through them, we tend to see that as the end of their life. Everyone has experienced a "talking shoe". When the bottom starts to pry loose of the rest of the shoe because it has been worn so much. But give that shoe a chance! Often times, well-made shoes are also made to be cobbled. I like to think of tiny elves using their magic elf tools to fix my shoe--really it is just a gifted human cobbler at a local shop. 

Check out these SLOcal shoe repair shops:



M-Sa.: 9-6 pm

Su.: 11-5 pm


T,W,Th.: 10-5:30 pm

F, Sa: 10-2 pm

Su., M: Closed

Learning how to sew is not necessarily a skill that you were taught by your mother or grandmother anymore. But sewing SHOULD be a skill that you take time to learn--whether that be in an adult school class, at a sewing studio, or through a friend. Simply learning how to make mend minor wear and tear in your clothing can extend the life of a garment. 

picking daisies.png

Funky fabrics and pre-made sewing kits-- this is the sewing shop to be! Located in the SLO Creamery, meander into this shop after eating ice cream at Nite. 


Providing classes for all ages, this is a special place to learn how to sew--whether you are a novice or someone trying to master a new technique. Studio Stitch also offers sewing/craft parties and camps. 

**Currently located in Atascadero. 

SLO location opening fall 2019!


T,W,Th.: 3-5:30 pm

F-Mo: Closed

**Hours may vary depending on activity.

beverly's .png

Located in the heart of downtown SLO, Beverly's is not only the home of infinite craft supplies, but they have a sewing station set up for ANYONE to use ANYTIME. The sewing station is displayed in the window next to the Monterey St. entrance. 


T, W, Sa, M: 9:30-8 pm

Th, F: 9:30-9 pm

Su.: 10-7 pm


The SLCUSD Adult School offers Apparel Technique and Construction Classes. (Next session Sept.-Dec.)

Beginner Class: Thursday, 6-830 pm

Intermediate Class: Wedn., 9am-12 pm 

Adult School Office Hours

M-Th: 8:30-6:45 pm

F: 8:30-12:30 pm

Sa,Su.: Closed

Sew Your OWn Stuff


T-Sa.: 11-5 pm

Su, M: Closed

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